Personal chef

You don’t feel like cooking or going to the restaurant? This is the right moment to contact a personal chef. Imagine the pleasure of a dinner in your home without having to worry about anything. After having contacted the chef to decide on the menu, we will take care of everything: shopping, cooking lunch or dinner or even breakfast, serving, choosing the right wines and leaving the kitchen tidy.Non hai voglia di cucinare o di andare al ristorante?

Cooking lessons

Cooking lessons will take place in your villa. We will select fresh ingredients and will arrive in the mornings for lunch and in the afternoon for dinner. During the lesson we will prepare dishes of your choice, with the pleasure of cooking together. When everything is ready you can relax with a good glass of wine and enjoy the dishes we prepared together.


On special occasions, we will allow you to experience unforgettable moments in which your only concern will be your guests. If you want to celebrate a wedding, a degree or a birthday we will take care of everything.  We will suggest a location, make the party preparations, take care of the food, drinks and set up, all in the unique atmosphere of our countryside.

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