Dory and her team

Doriana has dedicated her life to the culinary art. Years of enthusiasm, studies and refined culinary creations transform each of her dishes into real works of art, which fully respect the ancient flavours of Tuscan tradition and highlight the new combinations which have brought fame to the most renowned chefs.
The chef avails herself of a team of professionals and wine experts who will skillfully combine food and wine. Claudio, her husband, is an expert and lover of Italian wines and boasts numerous international collaborations and national honours.
Dory and her team have been collaborating for many years. Their professional understanding is the secret ingredient which makes each tasting a unique and memorable moment. Their art is the result of experience accrued at home and enjoyed by numerous friends. This is what gives them the stimulus to do what they love most also in your home, for you and your friends

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Ottaviani Doriana, via Domenico Bandini, 3 - 53047 Sarteano - SIENA
p.i. 01294530520