Welcome in Tuscany

“Cooking for you” is a team of professionals in the field of gastronomy. Guided by your personal chef Doriana Ottaviani, it will astonish you with the preparation of dinners, lunches, banquets in perfect Tuscan style, customized for you and your special occasion.

Travelling around our hills it is still possible to get a taste of the ancient flavours of the Tuscan tradition. Thanks to the devotion and culinary art of the people who have dedicated their lives to research and perfection, to satisfy the most demanding palates.
We offer our service in one of the world’s most beautiful settings: country farmhouses and Medieval hamlets, which only our land is capable of offering.

Alongside a unique natural and architectural environment, the Tuscan countryside offers high quality products. The combination of these elements: passion, territory, products, leads to unforgettable moments to be shared with your nearest and dearest.

This is why we are sure of our success and of your satisfaction.